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Second Floor

From Commercial Street, the second floor is what is now the “porch” level. It was historically the main floor of the home with the living room and kitchen.

1997-1998 Renovations

In 2005, we removed the interior staircase from this floor to both the basement/first floor and 3rd floor. The staircase was extremely steep to the 3rd floor. We found wood from ships in the walls. We saw wood that had “cleat” markings.

In removing the staircase, we were able to remove the staircase wall in the dining room. The staircase was in front of the left most door on the Bangs Street porch. We closed up that door and made what had been the bottom of the staircase a closet. To remove the staircase, they had to open the ceiling and run a new beam from the kitchen through the dining room.

2005 Renovation Photos

In 2010, we renovated the kitchen.

We also renovated the master bedroom by putting in a large built-in closet.

In 2018, we updated the front porch and sun porch:

We also updated the dining room:


Living room got a bit of refresh:

u2 lr


First guest bedroom:


Second guest bedroom:

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