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First Floor

The first floor had a kitchen, bedroom, and bath. It was converted to a 1 bedroom/bath apartment with kitchen and dining room/living room.

There are not many photos from the renovation. Some are in the House photos of the unfinished part of the basement that was renovated.

First floor kitchen and living room
First floor master bedroom.T

In 2005, the guest house was converted to 3 condominiums. This floor became Unit 1. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1150 sq ft. condo. In Spring 2006, the exclusive use patio was renovated.

It sold in December 2006 to the homeowners who still own it in 2019. In spring 2007, they added a beautiful sunken living room by opening the wall behind the sofa in the first photo on this page.

They built a room that exists under the porch of the second floor. It has stunning views of the Copper Fox garden, fountain, and Cape Cod Bay.




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