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What is currently Copper Fox Condominiums is located on both Commercial St. and Bangs St. The house was in the Bangs family from the time it was built in 1856 until it was renovated to the studs in 1997/1998 and then opened as Copper Fox Guest House. These are the photos of that renovation and the photos that were shared from Provincetown Historian George Bryant with John Gagliardi, who renovated the house in 1997/1998 and then from John to Jacquelyn Abromitis and Kathleen Ulisse, who bought the house from John in 2005.

John’s Gagliardi’s sister-in-law, Kristine Gagliardi, compiled a photo album of George Bryant’s photos plus the photos of John’s renovation into one large album, including before/after photos you will see in some of these albums. We are grateful for her work in documenting both George Bryant’s historic photos and the photos of John’s renovation. The photos were scanned by Dave Drabkin when he was working as an archivist at Pilgrim Monument and Museum. They are on file at the Monument.

George Bryant was first cousin, once removed to Ruth Engels. Ruth’s mother (Jessie Mackenzie) and George’s grandmother (Mary Ann Mackenzie) were sisters, daughters of Captain John Mackenzie and Flora McDonald of Cape Breton.

1856 – 1993 – Bangs Family and Ruth Engels, niece-in-law of William Bangs

1993 – 1997 – The house sat empty and in severe disrepair

1997/1998 – John Gagliardi renovated the house to become Copper Fox Guest House

2005 – Jacquelyn Abromitis and Kathleen purchased the 5,000 sq. ft. house in October, converting it to 3 condominiums

  • Unit 1 (garden level), 2 br/2 bath, 1150 sq ft
  • Unit 2 (“porch” level), 3 br/3 bath, 1650 sq ft
  • Unit 3 (top 2 floors), 3 br/3.5 bath, 1650 sq ft

NOTE: The red ink handwriting is that of George Bryant. We do not know who wrote the typed copy.


The last family member to live in the house was Ruth Engels. Ruth’s aunt, Jennie Jane Mackenzie married William Bush Elsworth Bangs.


Note: Rosilla Rich Bangs, William Bangs’ grandmother, was the only casualty in the building of the Pilgrim Monument.

Will Bangs dealt in stoves, tinware, plumbing and bicycle repairing in his store at 191 Commercial Street. He and Jennie Jane did not have children.

The earliest record we can find is the transfer of the property from Perez Bangs to William in 1899.


Prior to 1900, the census records do not note Commercial Street or house numbers.

  • 1900 William Bangs and wife Jennie Jane Mackenzie were living at 448 Commercial St. He was listed as a dealer in tin ware.
  • 1910 William Bangs and wife Jennie Jane Mackenzie were living at 448 Commercial St.
  • 1920 William Bangs, wife Jennie Jane, and mother in law Flora Mackenzie were living at 448.
  • 1929, Jane, widow of William, is listed in a city directory at 448.



Unidentified Bangs family and friends.

Bangs Family

1997 – 1998 House Renovation, Exterior Photos

First Floor/Unit 1 Photos 1997 – 2019

Second Floor/Unit 2 Photos 1997 – 2019

Third and Fourth Floors/Unit 3 Photos 1997 – 2019


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